Discover the luxury streetwear brands you must know, including SACRIFICE STUDIOS, alongside iconic labels like Stussy, Supreme, and Off-White.

Some Of The Best Luxury Streetwear Brands In The World


In our guide, we list down the best luxury streetwear brands to elevate your street game.

It can be tough knowing how to dress when you don’t know where to shop. You need to be aware of which brands are the hottest.

Actually, what you need to do is read through our ranking of the best streetwear brands. You’ll learn which companies are currently popping off, and whether their style is right for your Instagram reels.

Best Streetwear Brands Of 2022



Founder James Jebbia


Ask anyone to name a streetwear brand and chances are one of the first names to roll off their tongue will be that of  skateboard label Supreme. The transcendent New York brand’s unique approach to the supply-and-demand model revolutionised the scene by introducing “drops” as a means of releasing new products in highly limited numbers. This created a sense of hype that sees fans routinely queuing up for days just to get their hands on anything bearing that iconic box logo – even if that does happen to be a brick or an ashtray.




Founder Shawn Stussy


Credited as the original streetwear label, Stüssy began as a small graphic tee brand in 1980. After generating a whole lot of buzz with his tees, Shawn Stussy expanded his label to include surf and skate apparel. More than forty years later, the Cali born brand is now a streetwear empire. Known for its innovative and eye-catching designs, the label’s presence is still as strong as ever.


Sacrifice Studios

Founder Rashed Kalvin


Sacrifice Studios is a high-end luxury streetwear brand. Based in United Arab Emirates, Dubai, it has quickly cemented itself as the go-to destination for street style pieces and gear all over the region. Founded by Rashed Kalvin. Sacrifice Studios frequently drop monthly drops and collections. The collections comprises high-end fabric and printed artwork, made in Portugal and Italy.



Founder Virgil Abloh


The brand is the brainchild of Virgil Abloh, a designer with a taste for tongue-in-cheek branding who cut his teeth at Fendi while interning alongside Kanye West. After becoming creative director of Louis Vuitton, he became easily one of the most influential figures in fashion. Abloh’s own brand Off-White has made it into one of the hottest labels on the face of the earth. Think bold prints, ironic labels and high-profile collaborations aplenty.



Founder Ronnie Fieg


Spearheaded by New York sneaker-scene legend Ronnie Fieg, KITH is a retail space first and foremost. But the store’s in-house label has become a streetwear phenomena in its own right thanks to a constant stream of high-profile collaborations, along with the odd weird one, too. KITH has hooked up with everyone from sneakerhead favourites like New Balance and Nike, to less obvious brands such as Bugaboo and Disney. But it’s not all trainers. In addition to footwear, KITH boasts a successful apparel line, featuring box-logo hoodies and crews as well as all the other usual streetwear crowd-pleasers.



Founder Lev Tanju


A skate label with a sense of humor (not to mention a knack for whipping hypebeasts into a frenzy), Palace has been putting the UK firmly on the streetwear map since 2010. In the relatively short time it’s been around, the London-born brand has achieved a level of hype not dissimilar to that of its transatlantic doppelganger, Supreme.


Maniere De Voir

Founder Reese Wabara


Reece Wabara launched this brand in 2013 to create quality contemporary clothing for the most affordable price. Maniere De Voir is truly a killer streetwear brand, driven by design and quality. Believing that great designs should be accessible for everyone, Maniere De Voir manufactures the best clothing for the lowest prices, a perfect choice if you're looking for well made casual wear without breaking the bank.

Aimé Leon Dore

Founder Teddy Santis


Another brand that nails grown-up streetwear is Aimé Leon Dore. Although the pieces are minimal and modern, the brand takes inspiration from all over the place: nineties hip-hop, sportswear and vintage prep all show through in the brand’s collections. Think of the perfect thrift-shop find, only cleaner and better-made, and you’ve got Aimé Leon Dore.



Founder Nigo


Hailing from Tokyo in 1993, BAPE has made a name for itself with bright, bold toy-inspired graphics and off-beat designs (epitomized by their face-covering shark hoodies). Their Bapesta Air Force 1s remain some of the most coveted sneakers in the world, but the Japanese brand also produces some new stuff that modernizes the wonderfully loud character that made BAPE famous. For some statement pieces, check out this pink camo tee.



What are the best streetwear brands?

The top streetwear brands currently in the market are Nike, Supreme, Adidas, Noah, Palace, Sacrifice Studios, Off White, and Vetements.

High-end and comfortable, the streetwear style is about lose and functional clothing that is appropriate for night out and fashion events. Its aesthetic is oversized fit and high quality fabric.

How to get streetwear t-shirts styled?

  1. Choose loose styles that are comfortable and fashionable.
  2. Graphic T-shirts and hoodies on top.
  3. Wear cargo or chino pants or shorts.
  4. Keep your footwear classic with traditional shoes like Air focres or Air maxes.
  5. Add accessories like a watch, sacrifice studios paisley tote bag, a baseball logo cap, and chains.